Bosch wipes the competition in blade testing

The Bosch Aerotwin Multi-Clip flat wiper blade easily won 2014's  ADAC (Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club) wiper-blade test achieving the best results in almost all test categories with a total evaluation of 2.0 (on a scale from 1 to 6 with 1 being the best possible result). The German automobile club ADAC tested a total of eight wiper blades from various manufacturers, to suit a VW Golf IV. Among the eight wipers were four conventional standard wiper blades and four modern flat wipers.

Bosch wiper blades obtained best results in all test categories
The wiper blades had to go through a number of test conditions in order to achieve a good result. The wiper blades were first tested in new conditions and then once again after 150,000 wiping cycles, exposure to artificial sunlight and continuous operation at both 20°C above and 10°C below zero. In order to achieve an overall good result each wiper had to be tested in a variety of test conditions.  Bosch Aerotwin Multi-Clip achieved the best results in virtually all test categories. Moreover, the Aerotwin wiper blade was the only one to receive the rating of "good" as a result of undergoing simulated winter conditions

High-quality wiping performance

The Bosch Aerotwin achieves its excellent wiping results by perfectly adapting itself to the curvature of the windshield. Its custom made Evodium spring strip guarantees an even surface pressure and therefore enables perfect wiping performance at every point on the windshield.

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Easy to install thanks to Bosch universal adapter

Some of the other criterion of the ADAC test were the factors of processing quality such as risk of injury when fitting the wiper blade and the comprehensibility of the assembly instructions with the Aerotwin wiper achieving an excellent result in this category as well.. The Aerotwin wiper blades scored highly for its Multi-Clip universal adapter which is already installed to suit the different wiper-arm types of the most popular passenger-car series in the European market.