Ignition coils by Bosch


Perfect from the start

Success story:


Bosch's ignition coils groundbreaking high-voltage magneto ignition system patent was applied in 1902.


Since then, and together with the simultaneous development of the Bosch Spark Plug, it has paved the way for over a century of Bosch ignition systems and expertise.


Experience, expertise, equipment & efficiency:


For over 100 years, Bosch has specialised in the development and perfection of ignition systems and components.


As a result of building upon our wealth of experience and understanding of these systems, Bosch is now a European market leader in original equipment ignition coils.


The ignition coil is an essential part of a gasoline engine ignition system. It generates the voltage needed at the spark plug electrodes, by transforming the battery voltage to a higher voltage of 15,000 to 30,000v.


Benefits of Bosch original-equipment quality ignition coils include:


  • Providing the right ignition voltage
  • A longer-lasting spark
  • Better engine running
  • Lower fuel consumption; and,
  • Reduced exhaust emissions


Quality attributes of Bosch ignition coils include:


  • High performance and functionality providing ample spark energy, yet also preventing cold-start problems
  • Long life due to precise and corrosion-resistant connections
  • Reliability and freedom from defects
  • Compliance with legal requirements and safety standards
  • Top manufacturing quality; and,
  • Environmental compatibility


Low-quality ignition coils can result in:


  • Uneven engine running with misfires
  • Considerable drop in performance
  • Increased fuel consumption
  • Damage to the oxygen sensor and catalytic converter
  • Excessive exhaust emissions; and,
  • Damage to the engine control unit


With Bosch ignition coils  you not only have the benefit of choosing the only supplier in Europe with over 70% of the market coverage, but you can also rely on quality ignition systems which offer safety and security.