• Bosch Blue Line

    The new Brake Pad Blue Line features the latest friction formulations for optimum braking performance and comfort.

  • Bosch ST Hightec AGM

    With dynamic recharging capabilities and higher discharge/charge cycles, the Bosch ST Hightec with AGM technology has the ability to meet the power requirements found in many of today’s cars including those fitted with start-stop technology.
  • Bosch Aerotwin Plus

    Bosch Aerotwin Plus is a top of the range wiper blade that will enhance visibility in all weather conditions. With its patented coating, longer service life and gentle wiper action, the Aerotwin Plus offers optimum wiper performance, every day.

Bosch Blue Line

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The Bosch Aerotwin Multi-Clip flat wiper blade won 2014's ADAC (Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club) wiper-blade test achieving the best results in almost all test categories

Ignition coil

Bosch ignition coils groundbreaking high-voltage magneto ignition system patent was applied in 1902.

Battery Chargers

Bosch C3 and C7 battery chargers are designed to make re-energising your battery simple and safe