Bosch Aerotwin Plus

Perfect wiper performance

Power Protection Plus optimises wiper blade performance throughout the service life of the wiper blade – without leaving streaks or deposits on the windscreen of the vehicle.

Longer service life

Power Protection Plus makes the wiper blade element lip incredibly robust and resistant, as well as increasing its service life. Even extreme heat or cold will have little effect on the wiper blade

Gentle wiper action

Power Protection Plus reduces the co-efficient of friction of the material to a minimum. This means hardly any running noise, no shaking and no shudder whether the driver’s windscreen is wet or dry.

Each Aerotwin Plus wiper blade comes complete with four adapters required to fit ten common wiper arms seen on European and Asian vehicles fitted with flat blades. Bosch’s unique adapter system is simple to use and can be adapted for future requirements.

With fifteen lengths, and covering ten different wiper blade arms, the new Aerotwin Plus range, with Power Protection Plus “PPP” rubber provides perfect wiper performance, long service life and gentle wiper action.